Dogs at Weddings

Dogs at Weddings

Now, here's a subject that's dear to our hearts! It has become increasingly popular for dogs to take part in the wedding ceremony. After all, they are an important part of the family, so why not? 
However, most weddings are busy and noisy affairs. So, it's important that your furry friend enjoys the day too. We've done our research and have come up with some tips to keep your dog happy during the day too.
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  1. 1. Ask someone your dog knows and trusts to be his guardian for the day. That way the dog is at ease and you can relax knowing his guardian will look out for him and take him on those walks when they're needed. Alternatively, book a pet-sitter for the day - but make sure they and your dog have already met first.
  2. If possible, have a quiet place where he can go, perhaps where his food is also. His water bowl should be nearby wherever he is at any time. If you've hired the wedding and have a room (with dogs allowed), then have his bed in the room, a cage if he's used to it or, again, ask someone to keep him company and pop in all the time.
  3. Consider his own personality. Is he comfortable around lots of people or is he  nervous? Does he get so excited that he will jump up at guests who perhaps aren't used to dogs (and are dressed in their finest). If he's a ring bearer, can he be trusted to walk down the aisle with those precious items. No one wants to play a game of chase before the rings are exchanged!

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It's important that your dog feels comfortable throughout the day and, when he's had enough, he can have his own quiet place. However, there's no doubt, including your dog in your wedding is great fun, but always be prepared for the unexpected!
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