About our Jewellery

Our Handmade Jewellery 

Most of the jewellery you will see on this website is handmade by Julie or Jo. For this reason, we can often customise a product for you. For example, if you would like a red heart instead of a blue one on a bouquet charm, or different wording on the message card, you only have to ask and we will do our best to help.

We use sterling silver in almost all of our handmade items. Some of this is hallmarked, but some other components are too small to hallmark. We will always include the metal in our description but if you have any questions, please aks.

We also use gold vermeil on some items. This is also known as "silver gilt" and is sterling silver plated with a think layer of gold (at least 2.5 microns thick). It is usually considered finer than gold plated jewellery which can be plated over base metal. 

Some of our jewellery uses silver plated components (the hearts in our filigree lockets are silver plate, for example, although the rest of the components are sterling silver). We use silver plated items only where sterling silver would add a significant amount to the price of an item or where the component is unavailable in sterling silver.


Our Ring Bearer Bow Ties & Collars

These are all handmade and available in a number of sizes. However, every dog is different and, if you have any queries about sizing, please message us before placing your order.

Please note that our collar designs are a decorative item designed for occasional use and contain small parts. Pet safety first - please monitor your pet whilst wearing decorative items.


Our Curated Items

Items that are not handmade by us have been specially chosen for this website because we like them! They are not available on our Little Lockets London Etsy website. Orders placed for these items are sent directly from the manufacturer but, if you experience any problems with your order, please contact us.


Our Reviews

All the reviews you see on this website are genuine reviews (although we have changed names to preserve confidentiality). They have been gained through sales of the items to which they refer either on this site or where those items are for sale on our Little Lockets London page at Etsy.