Happy New Year

Happy New (Wedding Planning) Year!

Did you receive a Christmas or New Year proposal, or is 2022 the year your wedding date will finally arrive? Congratulations, we're sure it's going to the best year for you!
January is traditionally the start of wedding planning season. Whether it's your first start into planning your big day or shopping for those finishing touches for later this year, now is the time to start. 
To help you on your way, here's a few suggestions for you.


Wedding fund savings box
Unless your very, very lucky, you will need to start saving for your wedding. We can't promise that our wedding fund saving boxes will cover everything, but they will allow you to save for those little extras.


wedding planners
With so much to think of, you need the definitive wedding planner. Our personalised planners are just the trick (and they're great as a gift for a newly engaged couple too).



wedding countdown
So, you're nearing the end of your wedding planning journey. Well, why not countdown the days until the big day?


various wedding bouquet charms
Wedding bouquet charms have replaced the cardboard horseshoes of times gone by. Make it memorable and something that will be a permanent reminder after the event (they make great Christmas decorations too).
All Grooms need cufflinks! Send your Groom a secret message in our envelope cufflinks. Only you and he will know what's inside.
secret message cufflinks
Gift boxes for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen are a great idea - use them to make up a wedding day kit for your attendants. For the little ones, a personalised bear makes a lovely thank you. 
gifts for wedding party
Finally, don't forget to download our FREE wedding planning checklist. You can get it here.
Wherever you are on your wedding journey, we wish you a very Happy New Year and lot's of fun along the way!
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