Message Jewellery - Tell Your Story

Message Jewellery - Tell Your Story

For us, jewellery has always been more than just a fashion accessory; it's a form of self-expression, a way to commemorate special moments, and a means of conveying deep emotions. 

One of the very first items that we crafted at Little Lockets London was a wedding bouquet charm for a friend who had lost her grandparents and deeply wished they could be part of her wedding. We designed the bouquet charm and we placed it on a card with the message "Always with you". Our friend loved it and was delighted that her grandparents would walk down the aisle with her.

Wedding bouequet charm
From there, we realised that jewellery is not just something pretty to wear - it is truly a statement. Whether it's an empowering affirmation for someone who needs a boost, a message of sympathy, or simply to say I love you, carefully crafted jewellery can become part of their, or your, story.

Affirmation jewellery is also a beautiful way to commemorate significant life milestones. From graduation to marriage to the birth of a child, our pieces often feature personalised dates, names, or coordinates that hold special significance. 

Secret message pendant

When we create our jewellery, we use symbols too to signify long held deep cultural and personal meanings. Our tree of life jewellery can symbolise life, but also the strengthening bonds of a family tree.

Locket with Family tree
One of the best aspects of our affirmation jewellery is that it can be customised so that you can be sure it conveys the words you want to say. Our sterling silver engraved hearts can be added to many pieces, or you can customise with birthstone, or a carefully chosen message to accompany your jewellery.


Bouquet date charm

So, next time you want to uplift or empower someone close, or you need a boost yourself, remember that a well chosen piece of jewellery with a meaningful message can convey your feelings more powerfully than words alone and will create a lasting connection between you and the person who wears your gift.

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