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Weddings are always happy occasions, particularly recently when many have been postponed for so long and guests are meeting again for the first time in a very long time.
As happy as they are, they are sometimes tinged with a little sadness that a particular loved one is no longer here to share the day with you. It's hard, but there are so many lovely ways to make them part of your special day.
Among of our most popular items are our memorial lockets for the Bride & Groom:
wedding bouquet charm with opening locket

Add a photo to the locket and hang it from the Bride's bouquet. After the wedding, she can carry it with her hooked inside her handbag or hang it as a memorial decoration on her Christmas tree.


The Groom's locket comes with either a carabiner or toggle clasp so that it can be worn with his buttonhole or discretely inside his jacket. We know of one Groom who had a photo of his Father inside and, after the wedding, hung the locket on a chain as a gift for his Mum. A lovely idea.


As you may gather from our name, Lockets are a speciality of ours and you will find a lot more options in our Bouquet Charms and Bride's Jewellery sections.

There are other ways of remembering loved ones at weddings too. 

Make a little display in a quiet corner where those who are struggling with missing someone that day can go and sit. Add a candle and a photograph so they can take a moment and remember. Some couples also add an empty chair with a photo of that special person.

Alternatively, if there are several people you want to remember, add a small display tree with photos or names, or add several photos with a small display board saying "wish you were here". 

It's a lovely thought to include those we've lost in your day but it doesn't have to be sad. We are sure they would enjoy your day and want you to enjoy it most of all. Keep them with you, but keep in mind too the joy they brought to you, especially on this day. 


 memorial candle


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