"an extravagant style of art characterized by curving lines, gilt, and gold"

If you're dreaming of a hugely extravagant wedding, then a Baroque theme is for you! Think Venice Carnival, Versailles, the Opera in Paris. Bold, gold and fun!

For the Bride, wedding dresses can be as luscious as you dare! Elegant gowns work well too, particularly with corset-type bodices. For your head, it's all about the hair; long hair in twists with pearls threaded through would be perfect (it's all about pearls in the Baroque era).  



Baroque, bold and extravagant













Like everything Baroque, flowers are bold, with exaggerated styling. Big, overblown peonies and roses are perfect. Choose strong colours too - golds, purples and reds work great.

For a wedding venue, there are lots of stately homes and manor houses in the Baroque style of architecture that serve as wedding venues. Inside, the decor usually matches the theme but you can dress your venue with large curly candlesticks and extravagant flower arrangements. The table plan can be framed in a gilt picture frame and smaller similar frames are great for table numbers.

 The cake? Well most wedding cakes are out of this world now but lots of cherubs or gold dusting is one favourite. 

 What's a good Baroque wedding favour? Always popular, wedding sweets in a laser cut cage or container work well and carry the theme through. 







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