Something Blue

Something Blue

 It may start with a very special little blue bag, or just because you like the colour. A "Something Blue" is a traditional part of most weddings but, why not go all out and make blue your wedding colour. 
The beauty of blue is that there are so many variations, from the palest hint to deep and royal and onto almost black with navy. There's a shade of blue for everyone. 

So, if you want to start big, go with the dress. We love this one! Who will ever forget a blue wedding dress.

If you go big with blue, vary it only by the smallest hues, keeping the same shade throughout and avoiding a mismatch.

However, if you're going for hints of blue only, you can team these with other colours to create a stunning look. Flowers are great for this.

wedding flowers

From the dress to the bouquet, or down to subtle hints of something blue, we're sure you'll find the right blue for you!

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