Valentines - Set the Scene!

Valentines - Set the Scene!

For the perfect Valentine's Day, you need to plan in advance.
Start with the setting. Plan it well. Set the scene. Paper valentine decorations and balloons are a great start. 
valentines decorations


Add romantic lighting, candles or battery tealights are great. Place them in crystal containers for the ultimate glow, or use fairy lights - they go down a treat!
rose fairy lights


Next, the food. If you're not a fab cook, then go for a Dine In or get the caterers in. It may even be just their favourite take out, as long as they love it.
Then, if you're going for alcohol, it has to be champagne! Make it extra special with a personalised bottle and glasses. If you're not into alcohol, try apple juice and sparkling water for a faux champagne drink.
personalised wine glasses


Music's next. A playlist of their favourite tunes - though probably not hard rock or excessive rap in this case.
Finally, the big Valentine Gift. Make it extra special by making it personal. Our two hearts Message in a Bottle is a great way of adding your own special message.
Two hearts message in a bottle


Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine frill



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