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Weddings are Back!

With the news that we are on track to open up weddings on 21 June, we couldn't be more delighted! The heartbreak of postponing at last seems to be behind us, and patience has been rewarded - finally!

So, from 21 June, the limit on the number of guests you can invite to your day is to be lifted entirely. With the likelihood that the majority of guests will have received their vaccines, the days of 30 wedding guests are hopefully gone - unless of course, you prefer a more intimate day.


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If you're one of the lucky ones that have not had to postpone and are only beginning your wedding planning journey, our advice is act now. Venues are likely to be very busy with all those postponed weddings and we believe that the popularity of weekday weddings will increase over the coming year or so. 

We are hopeful guests at two weddings this year, one on a Thursday and the other on Friday. For couples, mid-week or near-weekend weddings are a good idea - often the venues are less expensive than at the weekend and you are more likely to get your venue of choice if you are flexible with the day. Other suppliers too will have more availability during the week.

Most guests will be only too happy to book a day off for your wedding, often making a long-weekend of the occasion. So, it's definitely something to think about.

Wherever you are on your wedding planning journey, we wish you well and hope to be part of your day!



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