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Carnival Dog Frill Collar with bells

Carnival Dog Frill Collar with bells

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Our Carnival Dog Frill Collar is a must-have accessory for any fun-loving pup! Made of high-quality organza ribbons in a range of bright, multi-coloured hues and adorned with metal bells at the end of the ribbons to add a playful jingle as your pup struts their stuff!  Designed to slip easily over your dog's head, it's a convenient and comfortable accessory for photo shoots and special occasions. Our Carnival Dog Frill Collar is a fun and festive addition to their wardrobe!

  • Use the frill on its own or sit it on top of a dog collar.
  • Elasticated, one size (fit approx. 25-58cm)
  • Safety first - monitor your dog when he is wearing his collar

Please note that our collar designs are a decorative item designed for occasional use. Pet safety first - this item is made up of small parts, please monitor your pet whilst wearing decorative items. The tulle can be cleaned of light dirt marks with a damp cloth or sponge and left to air dry.

We like this because:

  • It's a fun way to dress your dog for a party
  • It's the perfect Instagram accessory!
  • Great for Pride events too

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