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Jigsaw Beaded Stacker Bracelet

Jigsaw Beaded Stacker Bracelet

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Introducing the jigsaw beaded stacker bracelet! Featuring silver and gold plated beads with an jigsaw piece that is ivory enamel on one side and gold on the other, it's a fun and unique addition to any bracelet collection. Grab one for your bestie too and rock them as friendship bracelets - or perhaps it's the "missing piece" to your stacker collection!

  • approx 19cm

  • 2mm and 4mm silver and gold plated beads and jigsaw charm on strong elastic
  • gift wrapped to your choice

We love personalisation!  

Gorgeous on its own, or perfect in a stack - just use the multibuy box if you're planning on ordering more designs too!

We like this because:

    • An ideal base for your stacker collection
    • It's an elegant design that can be worn on its own
    • Fits most wrist sizes

    Handmade to order.

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