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Message in a Bottle Celestial Star Pendant

Message in a Bottle Celestial Star Pendant

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Send a message in a bottle with this our gorgeous Celestial Star Necklace with cubic zirconia sparkles.  Your pendant comes gift packaged as a Message in a Bottle, making it a unique gift.  Suspended from a 16" to 18" adjustable chain. Your pendant comes with a parchment scroll for you to add your own message and pop it back inside the glass bottle. 

  • Gold plated sterling silver star
  • securely packed in eco-friendly packaging
  • write your own message on the parchment scroll within the bottle

We love personalisation!

Pop open the bottle to remove the scroll inside. Write your personal message, use the small elastic band provided to fasten the scroll, pop it back in the bottle. 

We like this because:

  • It's an extra special gift for any occasion
  • Add the message "you're a star" as a congratulatory present
  • The jewellery inside is gorgeous too!

 Handmade to order. Free UK delivery.

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