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Own Handwriting Engraved Bracelet

Own Handwriting Engraved Bracelet

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What could be more personal than your own handwritten message engraved on a special piece of jewellery? This engraved bracelet has space for your message in your very own handwriting. This leather bracelet is presented in its own gift box. 

  • 21 cm
  • Real leather with snap-lock clasp
  • Maximum 6 words

--- Own Handwriting Instructions ---

1. Take a blank piece of paper and write/draw what you would like engraved.

2. Take a clear photo of your creation.  Make sure it is close up but still in focus. Plenty of light and not blurry. Scan or photograph is fine.

3. Upload it to the "File Upload" section of this page. Alternatively, you can email it to

We like this because:

  • A message in your own handwriting makes the gift exta special
  • You can add hearts, smiley faces etc
  • It arrives gift boxed



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