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Turquoise Stacking Bracelet

Turquoise Stacking Bracelet

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Glam up your summer with this stunning turquoise stacking bracelet! With its silver plated and turquoise beads, it's the perfect combination for all of your summer occasions. Wear it on its own, or stack together with other turquoise and silver pieces to show off your unique style. 

  • approx 19cm

  • turquoise and silver beads on strong elastic
  • gift wrapped

We love personalisation!  

Gorgeous on its own, or perfect in a stack - just use the multibuy box if you're planning on ordering more designs too!

We like this because:

    • Pretty and perfect for any occasion
    • It's an elegant design that can be worn on its own or to completement other bracelets
    • Stunning when worn with white!

    Handmade to order. Free UK shipping.

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